C&C took part at Architect@Work at Milano from 29th to 30th of Novembre.

During the expo C&C has presented BYBE, Smart Signal System, an innovation idea of signage world.

BYBE is a signage system that combines its minimalist design with Bluetooth technology. Made from Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) with excellent transparency and a high light transmission index, it consists of an illuminated panel with a pictogram and an external shell. Underneath the customisable shell are the electrical components: the leds, power supply and circuit board with storage batteries of a beacon device which, emitting radio signals and thanks to a local network of devices created ad hoc, interacts with the BYAPP smartphone application. Thanks to the ability of BYBE to exchange information with the BYAPP on your smartphone, this signage system also makes it possible to communicate various types of safety and/or entertainment information and notifications to visually-impaired users through visual, voice and tactile messages.



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