Survey – getting a handle on the situation

The Survey service will evaluate the current standard of signage on the units in operation, making a comparison between older and new generation ships in order to identify consistent features or changes from company standards, if existing.
Evaluation of all or individual on-board signage areas: safety, technical, crew and pax.

This Survey will be accompanied by a detailed technicalillustrative report. The Survey makes it possible to evaluate any deficiencies in the on-board signage system, listing all the relative points in the technical-illustrative report.

There may be various types of deficiencies, from the choice of materials, which can result in premature deterioration of the sign (for example, if used outside), inadequate adhesion or low photoluminescent performance, to inadequate on-board placement or a lack of graphic coordination between the various types of information the sign is intended to convey, or an inadequate message based on the various regulations in effect.

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