C&C will participate to SYP – Superyacht Pavilion Metstrade at Amsterdam from 14 to 16 th of November. Come visit us at our  STAND 10.119 – HALL 10-11.

C&C creates “illuminated names” for the luxury yacht market: completely customizable lights that can be adapted to clients’ requirements and wishes.



The light source consists exclusively of LED strips that have been specially designed for use in the nautical sector and that are paired with plexiglass, without negatively affecting the refraction of light.  C&C uses the latest generation LED strips that cover a colour spectrum ranging from cold white (5000-6000 °K), to warm white (3000-4000 °K), up to RGB that can replicate the whole colour scale.



C&C uses a special type of plexiglass, specially designed to diffuse light from an LED light source. Its internal composition prevents the “hot spot” effect that can be very annoying and unsightly.



C&C offers it clients innovative solutions in metal finishes. By means of electrochemical oxidation, steel can be customized with any 2D texture without altering the physical characteristics of the 316 stainless steel.  The oxide layer on the surface remains intact and is actually strengthened.



C&C offers a range of special finishes of the highest quality, giving the original raw material -316 stainless steel – material features that are totally original.
Stainless steel owes its name to its special characteristic: invisible to the naked eye a “film” or passive layer is dynamically generated on its surface that protects it from aggressive external agents and ensures that it is highly resistant to corrosion, properties that make this material the best one for use in the nautical sector.

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