Technical Labels and Marine Tapes

In order to provide high visibility to lifesaving equipment, to prevent against dangerous flammable material on board, to marking areas or to provide pipe identification, repair leaking and cracked pipes, C&C Shipping Solutions offers any type of marine technical tapes.

Solas reflective tape, Marine pipe marking tape
Developed to mark and provide high visibility to lifesaving equipment (such as liferaft, lifeboat, rescue boat and lifebuoy, life vest in compliant with IMO regulation) and to identify piping system in accordance with the content or function on board ships and marine structures.
High Performance and weather-resistant, strong eye-catching effect, excellent durability and specifies main colours in accordance with SOLAS e IMO regulations.

Marine Spray stop tape, Marine Pipe fix tape and Marine Drip Stop Tape
Especially designed to prevent or repair leaks and splash of fluid, air and powder inside pipes, hoses and valves. These products were engineered complying with the IMO and SOLAS standards.
C&C Shipping can assure to use the most durable system on the market thanks to a superior resistance to chemicals and fluids grants internal onboard use, by offering the perfect solution according to every needs.

Marine anti slip tape
This product was engineered to exceed OSHA standards by providing a durable, consistent non-slip surface. Superior resistance to chemicals and fluids grants internal and external onboard use We can assure the most aggressive durable adhesive system on the market.

C&C Shipping Solutions produces any identification plate for the fitted systems. Plates are applied on special supports to identify:

  • Valves
  • Flanges
  • Pipelines
  • Systems
  • Equipments

On the basis of functional diagrams and isometric plans supplied by the shipyard, our qualified installation team is able to install the complete identification labeling on fitted systems.

The plates we engrave are made by the following materials:

– Milled brass engraved
– Milled brass engraved
– Milled trafolite engraved

Our fastening systems are made of galvanized steel in accordance with the UNAV regulations, specially shaped to be easily applied on the standard fixing points or can be produced and adapted to meet any technical specification requirement.

In accordance with the latest ISO 14726:2008 we produce the complete range of “marking tapes” (C&C PIPEMARK) required for the identification of the various fitted systems.

As well as for the plates, our technicians are able, in full autonomy, to identify and mark all the fitted pipelines.

C&C PIPEMARK is a range of pipe identification tapes composed by film with high performance polymeric stabilized calendared soft vinyl films coated with a durable permanent adhesive giving excellent dimensional stability.